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It's not enough to just have a Website
Your company needs THE BEST WEBSITE, with the best DIGITAL STRATEGY, and to be able to transform all the Data into INFORMATION that will allow let you to keep a clear track of your KPI'S

How can we help you?

WEB Design and Development

At Techno Ayuda, we know the importance of having a Website with the highest quality standards. Owning just a webpage is not enough, you need to also create a site that is friendly for your users, searchable (tools/engines/browsers) and clearly visible with any kind of device/gadget.
And mainly, and before anything else, it must meet the objectives that YOU need.

We will provide you with our solutions according to your needs and will help keep your business running 24/7

Digital Strategies

How can we get visitors to my website or social media platforms? For that, we are in charge. It is very important that when your business has a prospect, it will be easy for them to find what they need. Our strategies are based on the following steps:

  1. Investigation
  2. Planning
  3. Strategy
  4. Analysis and Optimization
  5. Results

We also offer you a Community Manager service for your social media platforms, as well as interpretation of the analytics for your whole network.

Business Intelligence

There is not a problem with having indicators on spread sheets (excel), but you must ensure that you are taking advantage of all the tools that these platforms offer you by using Office 365´s Power BI. This allows you to have easy-reading Dashboards with a massive amount of information.

If a Spread Sheet is not your thing, we can offer you 100% personalized Online Dashboards that will allow you to include the data that your business has generated. We will transform this data into the information that you need for decision making, which will be available according to your needs.

Techno Ayuda offers you more than 8 years of experience creating systems for Sales Forecasts, Scorecards, Inventory Management Control, and more.

What is the difference at Techno Ayuda?

We are a Group of Experts with different disciplines with the main Mission of... helping you, NOT to complicate your life more (in terms of Technology).

We speak your language: we translate all technicalities into simple words, we respect your business. We want to be clear from the beginning.

We will not sell you anything that you don't need. You can be sure that we will only offer you the tools and strategies to achieve your goals.

You can be sure that behind each service that we offer you, there is a prior analysis, study of your competition and optimization and validation.

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Examples of Our Work

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Added Business Value - Wordpress
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Adelphos Moné - PHP, JS
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Kinder Best Friends - JS
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Get Startup - JS
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Blog - Wordpress
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Quotes System - Excel
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Don Rogelio - ReactJS, PHP, JS
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Experts For You - JS
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Fan Movie Studios - JS
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Gusgeras - PHP, MySQL
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Inventory Managment
13 / 20

Landing Page
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Maxipony - PHP, JS
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Salud Psicológica Integral - Wordpress
17 / 20

Tablero de Ventas
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Custom Dashboards
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Landing Page Training
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Sales reports

Free Consulting at
Techno Ayuda

For those doubts you may have regarding Technologies, Platforms, WIFI, Apps, etc...
Techno Ayuda offers you free consulting for every issue that requires less than 10 minutes to solve.

For Example: Which internet provider is right for me? How does the VLOOKUP formula work in Excel? Should I have an E-Commerce? Is a repeater suitable for me to improve my WIFI signal? What surveillance camera do you recommend me? etc.

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